Coloured Earth

Our 2015 video promo…..Time-lapse sequences from around the UK and Europe.

Bespoke 3D Pavement Art

LIVE Anamorphic pavement art, also known as 3D Pavement art!

Using nothing more than chalks and artists pigment: Watch us as we create a unique piece of mind-boggling illusionary art; you simply will not believe what your eyes are telling you, as the work magically rises from the pavement; you can watch this gravity defying masterpiece evolve over the three/four/five days.

On the final day, you get the chance to photograph yourself from a dizzy height, as the artists invite you onto the art for a unique photo opportunity, but be careful where you walk, and don’t look down eh!

…contact us for more details!

Urban Anamorphic

Also known as 3D Pavement art: We are the only company worldwide to offer public, interactive 3D art workshops; not just an art activity, but an educational insight into the world of illusionary art.

We can also provide bespoke 3D art for promotions and demonstration purposes.