Coloured Earth

A festival of pavement screevery.

King’s Square, Gloucester, England.
15th -16th July 2017

International festival of pavement art, set in the historic city of Gloucester and celebrating the ancient art of the Screever (slang term for Pavement Artist); free to take part and open to artists from around the world.

Historical: The worldwide movement that is today known as “street-painting” originated in Britain and has a long unbroken history, that can be traced back as far as Elizabethan England. It is also said to have developed independently in other parts of Europe including Italy, where pavement artists are referred to as Madonnari.  At its height in Victorian England, over 1000 people where making a FULL TIME living from pavement art in London alone!!

Some people saw them as ‘beggars’ but this was far from the truth. The best “pavement pastelist’s” were indeed true artists, who took pride in their work, offering it freely, in return for voluntary contribution, they never begged for money. These artistic entrepreneurs became so popular in London that by the early 1900’s they had become tourist attractions; featuring on everything from postcards, travel guides, cigarette cards and so on. Poems and books were written about them, and they even became the subjects of music hall songs and sketches; a much loved part of popular culture.

Pavement artists flourished around the ports, railway stations and docklands of towns and cities across Britain, attracted by the disposable incomes of sailors, tourists and business types. Gloucester was no exception and screevers were a common sight across the city.

I’m an artist, how do I apply?

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