Bespoke 3D Pavement Art

LIVE Anamorphic pavement art, also known as 3D Pavement art!

Using nothing more than chalks and artists pigment: Watch us as we create a unique piece of mind-boggling illusionary art; you simply will not believe what your eyes are telling you, as the work magically rises from the pavement; you can watch this gravity defying masterpiece evolve over the three/four/five days.

On the final day, you get the chance to photograph yourself from a dizzy height, as the artists invite you onto the art for a unique photo opportunity, but be careful where you walk, and don’t look down eh!

…contact us for more details!

Hand-Made Chalks!

A new addition; we’ve been busy over the winter months making specially designed pavement chalks. With ingredients to cope with the demands of interactive street-art.

We have created a special chalk binder; a mixture of soap, bees-wax and wheat-flour.

Our chalks are now more vibrant, adhere to the pavement more effectively than commercially made pastels, and are less dusty. This means they are less messy for the participants, and more resistant to the occasional rain shower.

…..and the great thing about all this is that the general public get to use them, as we create art together!

Make n’ Take!

In addition to running award winning street art projects, we also offer make n’ take workshops suitable for table-top events, food festivals, garden parties and events where low mess and a smaller scale activity is more suitable.

Food sculpture workshops; using food past it’s ‘sell-by’ date, ideal for highlighting waste and environmental issues.

Lantern Making workshops; Based on our popular ‘floating lantern’ installations, this workshop teaches people how to make their own lantern within ten minutes!

Paper Puppet workshop: A perfect wintertime and Christmas activity for the whole family!

All workshops can be booked exclusively through our agent at Fools Paradise:

3D Street Art

3D Widnes Market promotion

3D Widnes Market promotion

Every year we try to push the boundaries of what can be expected in terms of interactive street art … we do this not because it is easy, but because it is hard! This year we have been exploring the possibilities of using 3D art technology & techniques without compromising our philosophy of public interaction….we did this for the very first time last year in Canary Wharf, London where we created (over two days) the world’s first ever 3D street art workshop for passers-by:

We tried it again this year (June) at Widnes Market, Cheshire with over 60 school children in around only six hours!! Every piece of art we create is a learning experience, not only for us but for the people taking part.

We DO NOT simply provide ‘art activities’ for children & adults….All our projects are fully fledged educational workshops with a proper learning curve and real product to show at the end of the experience!