Lady Screever- The world’s first female pavement artist

LADY SCREEVER – ISBN: 978-0-9933796-0-4
Philip Battle of UrbanCanvas, talks about his new book.
First broadcast on Bay TV, Liverpool, November 2015.



Festival kinetic fruit sculpture workshops. A different kind of STREET-ART, using food passed-its-sell-by-date.

Gestural Abstraction

Gestural Abstraction; otherwise known as ACTION PAINTING! Projects & events across the UK


….our new floating lantern video 2015

Coloured Earth

Our 2015 video promo…..Time-lapse sequences from around the UK and Europe.

Introducing URBANCAM!

Our new and fun, flying drone, specifically designed for photographing pavement art! This was filmed last year at the Mersey River Festival, Liverpool.

UrbanCanvas on The BBC BIG SCREEN!

Some of our highlights from our 2011 season; we would like to thank the BBC Big Screen for helping us to put pavement art back on the streets.

Art Canyon

A 3D chasm of art….unearthed by the very fingers of children!!

….created by the children of St. Bede’s and St. Gerards Primary School

Part of the Widnes Market Summer arts programme 2011.

The Chalk Dance


Part of the Widnes Market Summer arts programme 2011.

Instantly Yours!

Introducing a whole new concept in visual street art…… pavement art…….produced in less than one hour. Probably about the same time it would take you to order and eat a Big Mac Meal 🙂

Part of the Widnes Market Summer Arts Promotion 2011)