Robert Redford

Hollywood Actor Robert Redford started his career in Paris as a 19 year old Pavement Artist!


In the 1950′s, there was a heated debate in the British Parliament about whether pavement artists should be regarded as “Beggars”!


James William Carling was thrown into prison and then the workhouse in the 1800’s for practicing pavement art!


The Liverpool slang term for a pavement artist is ‘GOCKER’ the term was used by James Carling in the 1800’s and is thought to originate in Ireland.


The British term for a pavement artist is ‘Screever’– the term is over 200 years old!

Hot off the Press

Liverpool’s James Carling International Pavement Art Competition has been cited amongst major international pavement art events worldwide; in the French newspaper VARMATIN based in Toulon.

Use Google translate to read in English!

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